Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bathing Garden haul

So more goodness from TBG arrived recently hehe =) Since Shannon just closed her shop for 6 weeks due to surgery and recovery I placed couple more orders. Now I can drown myself in her wax for the next 12540 years (just guessed the number, might be +/- 2 years hehe) but I need my crack-in-a-tub aka her sugar scrubs like the air that I breathe so I wanted to make sure that I won´t have to go cold turkey on those! Seriously, since the invention of the wheel these sugar scrubs are the best thing someone ever came up with!

I use up a small tub (4-5 oz) in a week and a larger one (8-9 oz) in 2 weeks so I have quite a consumption of these going on. I didn´t collect the empty jars (silly me!) but I think I could lay down quite a few miles with them already!
Anyway, I ordered 4 big tubs and 2 small ones along with 7 tarts (well, having a lot of her wax doesn´t mean I can´t buy more haha! Or can a wax addict actually ever have too much of *awesome* wax anyway? Nah!). 
Since Shannon is always a generous and kind soul (and a very smart business woman) she sent me 6 large scrubs and a small one so actually I got 3 small free scrubs (as 2 of the small ones I ordered were upgraded to double their size). And I also got 2 clamshells and 3 overpour-tarts! YAY for TBG! Part of what I love about ordering from her (away from that her products are awesome) is the thrill to see which freebies I might get this time lol (Shallow, I know I know!)

Yah, so anyway... I love everything I ordered and what she sent me! 
I wish Shannon all the best for surgery and recovery and hope she takes time for herself to let everything heal properly! And then I will be the first customer to place my next order lol

Oh 2 more TBG hauls to show you haha ..well a tiny one (yes, really, only 4 items!) and then I ordered some tarts that she had just listed in her shop announcement on one of the last days she had the shop open... they were so brand new that she even didn´t photograph them! =O New tarts? Gotta have those!!

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