Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daily wax melts October 13th 2012

My saturday melts:

-CFTKR Pink Sugar Milk in my 24W hot plate warmer in the bedroom. I really love this scent! It´s a blend of pink sugar and a really creamy frothy hot milk scent. In my bedroom the throw was pretty strong but the scent itself isn´t too intense. This is a beautiful unique scent and I only have 2 more tarts of this so I ordered a big 8oz bag yesterday =)

-The Bathing Garden Sparkler Party (2 cubes) in a 24W hot plate warmer in the first floor. I believe this is a sugar cookie & mint blend however the mint is much more dominant. Overall it smelled like a creamy soft mint. It was a light scent but I still could smell it in my whole first floor and I forgot to switch off the warmer yesterday and I could still smell it lightly today in the morning. Still not a scent I´d necessarily repurchase and I wish it was a bit more intense.

-Haley´s Heavenly Scents Pink Zucchini Bread (2 cubes) in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. An awesome strong creamy zucchini bread scent with a hint of pink sugar. Like with most zucchini blends the other note was much more subtle than the zucchini. Lasted through a whole tealight (5-6 hours). But when I lightened the 2nd I couldn´t really smell anything anymore.

-Tiffany Candles Serendipity in a 24W hot plate warmer in the living room. Awesome fabulous scent! A creamy cherry vanilla sugar kinda scent with an awesome throw and great lasting power. I wasn´t so impressed by this scent on cold sniff but hot it was really great!

-Shayz Scentz Lavender Serendipity (2 fluted melts) in the other 24W hot plate in my living room. The same Serendipity scent blended with lavender and surprisingly the combination works really well! I loved this scent and would definitely repurchase this!

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