Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nikory Bath Treats haul

Recently I received a coupon code from Nikory Bath Treats of 30% (!!) off any order placed on Sunday, September 16th so I took advantage of that and ordered a few goodies. The website wasn´t that well stocked that day but I scored a bunch of nice soaps and scrubs.

Here is what I ordered:

1 x Moon Harvest Bubbling Sugar Scrub (a big tub!)
1 x Blueberry Cheesecake Bubbling Sugar Scrub (also in a big jar =) )
1 x Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti Soap
1 x Witches Brew Soap
1 x Autumn Magic Soap
1 x Harvest Moon Soap
1 x Hot Cocoa Soap
1 x Herbal Soap (Skin Relief soap)

I received a full-size Citrus Festival soap for free which is really awesome and a few soap scrap samples (love them!).

I started using a Boston Tea Party Soap I received from Nikory earlier in the summer and it´s an awesome soap! Smells delicious, lathers nicely and feels moisturizing.

The Bubbling Sugar Scrubs are really nice creamy soaps but there aren´t too many sugar crystals aka there is not much exfoliating action going on. But I really like them as creamy soaps with a *slight* exfoliation action.
I paid just around $50 incl. shipping after my discount which is a great price for 2 huge tubs of scrub and 6 soaps.

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