Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scentsationals haul

Through Vnetta662 (one of my favorite wax youtubers and facebookers) I learned that it was possible to order Scentsationals online. Since I have no access to a Walmart I was thrilled as I always tried to pick up a piece here and there on eBay but the prices were ridiculous sometimes so I stayed away most of the time. Also the variety sucked. 
Anyway, I was in Scentsationals heaven as soon as I entered the site as they have such a huge variety of yummy tarts! I ordered twice so far so today I am showing you my first order. The 2nd one is almost the same size and arrived just a few days ago.

Shipping is lightning fast, both my orders where shipped the day after I placed my order and arrived within another 2 days via USPS Priority Mail. I didn´t pay for shipping as both my orders where quite a bit above US$50 =) I know the tarts are cheaper in Walmart but as I said I have no access so I was glad to pay the $0.99 more. And the variety is much better than in Walmart as far as I heard.
 Here are my holiday scents:

Fall scents:


Tea/drink scents:


Spa/relaxation etc:

Green/fresh scents:

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