Friday, October 26, 2012

Victoria´s Designer Creations Haul

I placed an order with VDC back on July 10th. I knew that her TAT is a bit longer but I received my order mid of October. That´s 3 months and that´s way too long. I got all kinds of excuses and I was given a tracking number in September and since there was no movement in the tracking I asked about my order status and the owner told me that she was having issues with the PO or the distribution center or something. 
I never believed her and didn´t bother to check the tracking number anymore and finally one day my package showed up.
Now everything looks gorgeous but I am not impressed at all with the scent throw. None of the ones I melted so far gave off a scent so I am disappointed. I will let everything cure a bit longer but I can already say that I am definitely not going to order from VDC again. There were also some discussions in my favorite wax group on facebook and it seems that many customers got the lame PO issues story so yea, I am done with VDC.

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