Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daily wax melts October 3rd 2012

Here are the tarts I melted today: =)

-Skye´s Soy Candles 100% Palm Wax Tarts in Cotton Blossom in my 20W hot plate warmer in the 1st floor. I put the rest of this bag (maybe 15-20 cubes?) in my warmer and as always there was absolutely no throw unless I put my nose right above the warmer. Sorry to say this but Skye´s palm wax tarts suck and have no throw. I wouldn´t purchase there again.

-Scentsationals Lemongrass Ginger Tea (2 cubes) in the kitchen in a tealight warmer. This was such an awesome nice refreshing scent. It smelled like a good body care lol. While the scent is lighter the throw was good and my whole kitchen was filled with this gorgeous scent.  Really love this!

-FussAssMcGee Autumn Magic in the living room in a 20W hot plate warmer. This is the typical autumn magic scent (I have the same one from CFTKR which definitely is a bit stronger than this version). It´s a pretty slightly perfumey floral/outdoorsy kind of scent. It is really lovely and I enjoy this a lot! Throw and lasting power were good! FussAssMcGee is starting to grow on me lately!

-CFTKR Autumn Morn in the living room in my 24W hot plate warmer. This was a slightly spicy apple scent and I really enjoyed this! I normally don´t dig spicy apple scents but this was good! Maybe it´s also the weather change that sets me in the mood for slightly more spice =) As always with CFTKR the throw was excellent and it lasted most of the day!

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