Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 recent CFTKR hauls

Before Carol closed her site for her yearly checkups and restocks I placed couple of orders. Her tarts are just among my faves and her line of scents is extremely extensive. 
I forgot to take individual pics of the items in order 2 except for the freebies =X

Ten Digit Creations hauls

I placed an order a while ago with TDC and I couldn´t really count myself too impressed...however I was searching for the Pistachio Coconut Fluff tarts as I fell in love with a sample I got from a vendor who didn´t restock this scent for a while. I found that scent on TDC and decided to get a bunch of those and in addition try their body care. Especially since the PCF scent is skin-safe so I could get a lotion and spray in it. I really love the body care! the products are made from scratch which is a very important thing for me when buying handmade lotions and creams. I don´t want lotion bases with just fragrance mixed in. I could just go and get anything from a drugstore if I wanted that. The peppermint and menthol ice lip balms are new staples for me as well as they´re really creamy and feel so nice and cold on my lips.
I also picked up a few other tarts. I´d still say I wouldn´t really buy most of their bakery scents as these generally seem on the lighter side but the fresh and clean scents are very good.
TDC has a lightning fast TAT so they´re awesome if you need a quick fix of tarts or handmade body stuff. Even the customized lotions will ship in a day or 2. 
The sprays are very strongly scented and last really long. I got the laundry day spray actually as a room spray for the guest bathroom and it´s the most awesome air freshener I have ever used! Highly recommended!
So overall I will reorder as I am really liking a lot of the stuff and the awesome customer service and TAT!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A couple HUGE Beaux Savons Frais RTS hauls

BSF is a really interesting vendor with lots of different items up for grabs. I am waiting for 2 custom orders placed in the first days of March and due to some family issues she is behind in filling orders. However from time to time she listed new RTS stock as she had overpours from orders being filled so I grabbed quite a bit of those. 
I have now realized that while her soaps come in quirky shapes and colors they are not the kind of quality I like for taking a shower (don´t quote me, but I think most of BSF´s are melt´n´pour soaps or at least they feel so) and that in general I like her wax better than her body stuff. Her bath bombs are moisturizing but fizzle away too quickly. I am not sure if her lotions and shower gels are made from scratch (I kinda doubt it) or with a base but those are pretty nice anyway. I overall think her bath products make nice gifts, especially for kids!
Her bubble bars are amazing btw!
Here are the hauls, some eye candy for your viewing pleasure lol!