Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily wax melts October 9th 2012

Here are my melts for Oct 9th:

-Scentsationals Spa (2 cubes) in my 20W hot plate in the first floor. A staple scent for me, I really love this when I need something super fresh. This has dominant notes of mint and citrus and the throw and lasting power are just fab!

-Krazy Candle Fresh Coffee in the kitchen in my tealight warmer. I am not a coffee scent person but this somehow smelled good. I liked the scent but it fizzled out after maybe 1-2 hours and then I couldn´t smell anything anymore. A pity!

-CFTKR Raisin Bread Butter Cream Frosting (2 slices) in my 24W hot plate in the living room. This was a light scent (as in overall scent strength) thus it had a light-medium throw and decent lasting power. This was a very sweet yummy creamy scent. I really liked it, just wished it would have been a bit stronger.

-The Bathing Garden Lavender Serenity (2 cubes) in the 20W hot plate in the living room. This was really strong (a blend of an herbal lavender and grape) and I kinda liked it but my daughter complained about it so I replaced it with something fresh and lemon-y. It´s not a tart I´d necessarily repurchase though!

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