Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bathing Garden haul

So more goodness from TBG arrived recently hehe =) Since Shannon just closed her shop for 6 weeks due to surgery and recovery I placed couple more orders. Now I can drown myself in her wax for the next 12540 years (just guessed the number, might be +/- 2 years hehe) but I need my crack-in-a-tub aka her sugar scrubs like the air that I breathe so I wanted to make sure that I won´t have to go cold turkey on those! Seriously, since the invention of the wheel these sugar scrubs are the best thing someone ever came up with!

I use up a small tub (4-5 oz) in a week and a larger one (8-9 oz) in 2 weeks so I have quite a consumption of these going on. I didn´t collect the empty jars (silly me!) but I think I could lay down quite a few miles with them already!
Anyway, I ordered 4 big tubs and 2 small ones along with 7 tarts (well, having a lot of her wax doesn´t mean I can´t buy more haha! Or can a wax addict actually ever have too much of *awesome* wax anyway? Nah!). 
Since Shannon is always a generous and kind soul (and a very smart business woman) she sent me 6 large scrubs and a small one so actually I got 3 small free scrubs (as 2 of the small ones I ordered were upgraded to double their size). And I also got 2 clamshells and 3 overpour-tarts! YAY for TBG! Part of what I love about ordering from her (away from that her products are awesome) is the thrill to see which freebies I might get this time lol (Shallow, I know I know!)

Yah, so anyway... I love everything I ordered and what she sent me! 
I wish Shannon all the best for surgery and recovery and hope she takes time for herself to let everything heal properly! And then I will be the first customer to place my next order lol

Oh 2 more TBG hauls to show you haha ..well a tiny one (yes, really, only 4 items!) and then I ordered some tarts that she had just listed in her shop announcement on one of the last days she had the shop open... they were so brand new that she even didn´t photograph them! =O New tarts? Gotta have those!!

Daily wax melts October 28th 2012

As I mentioned before I was sick on 27th so except for TBG Breathe Deeply I didn´t have anything going as I was nauseous and couldn´t have taken any kind of scent away from something strong fresh like menthol lol

-Shayz Minty Pink (2 tarts) in my bedroom (24W hot plate). This was my last attempt of making Shayz work for me and it just didn´t work lol. I could smell this but it was light and non-descript especially considering I used 2 tarts! So yea, Shayz is gone from my stash and won´t see light again any time soon lol.

-The Bathing Garden Jack Frost (2 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). What a cute little snowman! This smells like a sweet peppermint and I really love this! It had a good throw and lasted all day long. I know this is a quite common scent among vendors but the way Shannon did it is awesome as always. 

-Long Cane Primitives Mexican Fried Ice Cream in my kitchen (tealight). Since I am cleaning out my stash these days I thought of trying LCP again as I was pondering if I should remove their products from my stash or keep the last tarts I have. I could barely smell anything in the package and I could smell nothing at all when it melted. In conclusion I am also getting rid of all LCP as I have no luck with this brand!

-Rosegirls Zucchini Bread Banana Cake in my living room (24W hot plate). Seems today was a last-chance-day lol. I already had put everything from RG away but was craving a banana scent (which happens really rarely) so I dug this back out. Smelled yummy cold, I used a whole huge chunk and got absolutely no scent out whatsoever. Back into the destash box it went and yes, no more RG for me!!

-CFTKR Zucchini Fluff (2 slices) in my living room (24W hot plate). This and the tart from TBG were the two that had to scent my house as I had pretty much 3 duds going on lol. This zucchini fluff scent did not disappoint. I could smell the sweetness from the fluffy marshmallow together with the creamy zucchini bread. I love this scent! And it was going strong most of the day long, too!

Daily wax melts October 26th 2012

We celebrated a national holiday here so the kids had a day off from school and kindergarten =)

-CFTKR Sugar Milk & Lavender in my bedroom (24W hot plate). I recently posted on CFTKR´s FB fan page that I would love to see a blend of lavender and sugar milk and so to my greatest surprise and delight I received this sample with my previous order =D This smelled really strong and the sugar milk was even more dominant than the lavender. I liked it but would add a bit more lavender and a touch of something sweet as the scent was a bit tart or almost bitter. Can´t describe that better lol. Anyway, a touch of honey or fluffy marshmallow would probably make this perfect! Lasted all day and into the next day until I replaced it with a TBG Breathe Deeply tart (like Vick´s Vapo Rub) as I was feeling ill and nauseous on 27th so that was all I could stand)

-La Dolce Vita Day at the Spa (2 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was really nice, a light-medium citrusy spa scent. Lasted all day long, too!

-Scentsationals Vanilla Woods (2 cubes) in my kitchen (tealight warmer). This was an awesome strong sweet woodsy scent. Honestly to me it smelled just like sandalwood and I really liked it! It was very strong in the beginning but mellowed out by mid of the day. I really liked this scent1

-Shayz Scentz Toastie Marshmallow (2 tarts) in my living room (24W hot plate). This had no scent throw whatsoever. I just don´t have luck with almost all my Shayz tarts so I just threw them in a box to put in a destash or something. Other people seem to be really liking Shayz but I am far from being impressed!

-Pics, Petals & Scents Iced Lemon Cookies in my living room (24W hot plate). Amazing as everything from P,P&S tends to be! A strong sweet lemon bakery scent that lasted all day long. I am so happy with this vendor!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Victoria´s Designer Creations Haul

I placed an order with VDC back on July 10th. I knew that her TAT is a bit longer but I received my order mid of October. That´s 3 months and that´s way too long. I got all kinds of excuses and I was given a tracking number in September and since there was no movement in the tracking I asked about my order status and the owner told me that she was having issues with the PO or the distribution center or something. 
I never believed her and didn´t bother to check the tracking number anymore and finally one day my package showed up.
Now everything looks gorgeous but I am not impressed at all with the scent throw. None of the ones I melted so far gave off a scent so I am disappointed. I will let everything cure a bit longer but I can already say that I am definitely not going to order from VDC again. There were also some discussions in my favorite wax group on facebook and it seems that many customers got the lame PO issues story so yea, I am done with VDC.

Nikory Bath Treat Haul

I ordered again from Nikory Bath Treats as I really like her soaps and scrubs. I did not have a coupon code this time but full prize was worthwhile anyway. 
I got a free bar of soap and a sample. One of the soaps I ordered was out of stock so she sent me the shampoo bar instead (I instructed her to just send me any kind of herbal soap bar as a replacement). 
So I bought 5 bars of soap, a scrub and a sampler pack of soaps.

Facebook Destash Haul

I recently purchased a destash from a Facebook buddy in one of my wax groups =) It was not a pre-selected destash box but rather I got to choose the products I wanted. I am not usually doing a lot of destash packages anymore as most of the time I got disappointing products that were old, or not correctly labeled (I hate that!) or repackaged (hate that, too! I am totally OCD when it comes to original packaging) but I purchased from this girl before and her stuff has been in great condition.

So here is what I got:

CFTKR haul

I did it again! I ordered from CFTKR! And I have actually 2(!!) more hauls from Carol to show you later, too! =O You can also check out my previous hauls when you click on the CFTKR label =)
Admittedly she´s my 2nd favorite vendor I think (after TBG)! Now I have 2 drawers dedicated to my CFTKR stash lol! Her tarts are wicked strong and she has some awesome scents up for grabs!

I got 3 sampler bags, 2 8 oz bags and a slew of 4oz baggies. Except for 2 scents I love everything! Carol was super generous and included a whole bag filled with awesome samples!

Ultimate Cheesecake 8oz (way too much cinnamon for me =( )
Pink Sugar Milk 8oz
Pink Sugared Fluff 4oz
Lemon Noel 4oz
Wildberry Noel 4oz
Serendipity Noel 4oz
Wildberry Mousse 4oz
Lime Fluff 4oz
Toasted Marshmallow Fruit Loops 4oz
Decadent Lemon Bars 4oz
Lemon Chiffon Cake 4oz
Grapefruit Mango 4oz
English Ivy 4oz
Fresh Outdoors 4oz (yuck! Smells like moldy wood lol)
Cottage Breeze 4oz
Orange Chiffon 4oz
Orange Cream Cupcake 4oz
Wildberry Mousse Indian Bread 4oz
Baked Vanilla Crunch 4oz
7-up Zucchini Bread 4oz
Comfy and Caramels No 6
Caramels and Apples No 12
Greens and Spa No 42
My freebie galore:

Daily wax melts October 25th 2012

-The Bathing Garden Waltz (2 cubes) in my bedroom (24W hot plate). This was a scent I created for Shannon´s contest back in July. It´s lavender layered over pink sugar vanilla milk. This was really strong and lasted till the next morning but I wasn´t so fond of the scent, I had imagined stronger vanilla milk notes and the lavender is a bit too pungent and artificial for my taste.

-Ariel´s Secret Garden Children´s Room (about 7-8 pcs) in the first floor (24W hot plate). This smelled nice, a baby shampoo kinda scent. This was pretty strong and had good staying power but I also used more than half of that baggie!

-Front Porch Fuzzy Navel in my kitchen (tealight). This was a really good fresh fuzzy peach scent. This smelled really authentic without any candy or bakery notes. Scent throw was good, staying power acceptable (FP doesn´t do too well in tealight as I figured out finally).

-FussAssMcGee Orange Goblin Cupcake in my living room (24W hot plate). I threw the whole big cupcake in my warmer as I was too lazy to cut and FussAssMcGee usually needs a bigger amount of wax to get a good throw. This cupcake was so cute! Gladly I have a 2nd one! This smelled really good, a mix of orange and something like pumpkin. It smelled very much like "fall" to me. Scent throw was about medium and it lasted all day long!

-Ye Olde Candle Cubbard Zucchini Bread Fluff (1 loaf) in my living room (24W hot plate). YOCC hasn´t worked for me too well but this was a good one! Although this was not smack in the face strong I got whiffs of it all day long, so I could really smell it till I poured it out at night. An awesome super sweet zucchini bread scent!

Daily wax melts October 24th 2012

Had a couple of duds that day =(

-Tiffany Candles Pink Peppermint in my bedroom (24W hot plate). No need to write much about this as I reviewed it before =D It´s an awesome fresh but sweet blend of peppermint and pink sugar. As always it was strong and lasted till I poured it out!

-Scentsationals Grapefruit Sage in the first floor (1 cube). This was a really good fresh and super strong fruity scent. The sage was toning down the sweetness, all in all this was more zesty and tart. Really lovely! Scent throw was amazing, almost overpowering and lasting power was great, too.

-Better Homes & Gardens Chocolate Peppermint Truffle (2 cubes) in my kitchen (tealight). This was a very light mint chocolate scent. The throw wasn´t that great and it didn´t last long either. I got this in a destash so it might have been a bit older already.

-Victoria´s Designer Creations Million Dollar Shortbread in my living room (24W hot plate). This didn´t win a million in my book, it won nothing lol. It had no throw even though I tossed in the whole big loaf. If I put my nose right on top of the warmer I got a whiff of something sweet but all in all this was a dud.

-LSC Sticky Blackberry Latte in my living room (24W hot plate). I am not a coffee scent lover but this was seriously nice. The coffee note was very faint, I smelled mainly the tart juicy blackberry with a light bakery note. Awesome! Strong and long lasting, too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FussAssMcGee haul

FussAssMcGee listed a bunch of cute new tarts so I couldn´t resist and placed an order. They really amped up their store with cute new Halloween stuff so it´s worth checking it out!
I think their tarts aren´t the strongest but they smell nice and look great! 
Here is my purchase: