Friday, October 26, 2012

CFTKR haul

I did it again! I ordered from CFTKR! And I have actually 2(!!) more hauls from Carol to show you later, too! =O You can also check out my previous hauls when you click on the CFTKR label =)
Admittedly she´s my 2nd favorite vendor I think (after TBG)! Now I have 2 drawers dedicated to my CFTKR stash lol! Her tarts are wicked strong and she has some awesome scents up for grabs!

I got 3 sampler bags, 2 8 oz bags and a slew of 4oz baggies. Except for 2 scents I love everything! Carol was super generous and included a whole bag filled with awesome samples!

Ultimate Cheesecake 8oz (way too much cinnamon for me =( )
Pink Sugar Milk 8oz
Pink Sugared Fluff 4oz
Lemon Noel 4oz
Wildberry Noel 4oz
Serendipity Noel 4oz
Wildberry Mousse 4oz
Lime Fluff 4oz
Toasted Marshmallow Fruit Loops 4oz
Decadent Lemon Bars 4oz
Lemon Chiffon Cake 4oz
Grapefruit Mango 4oz
English Ivy 4oz
Fresh Outdoors 4oz (yuck! Smells like moldy wood lol)
Cottage Breeze 4oz
Orange Chiffon 4oz
Orange Cream Cupcake 4oz
Wildberry Mousse Indian Bread 4oz
Baked Vanilla Crunch 4oz
7-up Zucchini Bread 4oz
Comfy and Caramels No 6
Caramels and Apples No 12
Greens and Spa No 42
My freebie galore:

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  1. Would love to see how you store your tarts. You have quite a collection!