Thursday, August 30, 2012

CFTKR haul

And yet another haul from CFTKR! Carol's tarts are just awesome! Albeit not having the best staying power the scents are usually super strong and throw really well! Furthermore they are rather inexpensive and there is a ton of scents to choose from! TAT is amazingly fast (1-2 days usually) and there is always a slew of awesome samples!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Country Home Scent haul

CHS is one of my favorite tart vendors. They ship within a day or so and their tarts are super cute. Most tarts also smell strong and are chock full with oils (which sometimes makes a mess in the packaging) however I found that some scents seem to be consumed too quickly.

I got their Halloween sampler pack and some other tart 2-packs. Btw shipping turns out really high in the cart but you can either email them your order to get invoiced with the correct shipping costs or just check out and get a shipping cost refund from the vendor (usually within a few hours after placing the order).
Overall I love the tarts even with some being duds/having limited longevity/being more suitable for smaller rooms. I have quite a stash of CHS!

I also got a 20W hot plate warmer in burgundy.

Daily wax melts August 29th 2012

A super hot day again =( I wish the fall weather would just stay as is but the hot days are supposed to be ending within the next days.

-Better Homes & Gardens Tranquil Garden Spa 2 cubes on a 20W hot plate in the first floor. A nice fresh yet soft scent with a cucumber note. Average lasting power only though.

-The Bathing Garden Coconut Candy Apple, 2 cubes in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. Good throw and a really good sweet mellowed out version of BBW's Winter Candy Apple. Good medium-strong throw and a great longevity.

-Sugar & Spice Gourmet Berry Bundt Noel. A vanilla-berry blend with a slight bakery with a good scent throw however the scent itself turned into a very weird cinnamon vanilla cookie scent I don't care for.

Daily wax melts August 28th 2012

I went for woodsy scents today as it was a fine sunny early autumn day.

-Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Lavender in a tealight warmer in the 1st floor. I used 2 cubes and the scent was fairly strong as all the other HHS I tried so far. I like pink sugar x lavender blends but HHS uses a perfumey artificial lavender instead of a herbal one so I am not exactly thrilled with this blend.

-Birdland Paradise Vanilla Oak in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. I really love this sweet woodsy vanilla, it's wonderful! Strong throw and long lasting scent. I recommend checking this shop out on Etsy! She has the most beautiful hand-crafted tealight and bulb melters (my faves!).

-Front Porch Teakwood & Cardamon On my 24W hot plate in the living room. Very strong but too masculine and cologney for my taste. Good lasting power as expected!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daily wax melts August 27th 2012 (2)

As I said I melted a 2nd round of tarts as after like 8-9 hrs the first batch of scents pretty much fizzled out completely (TBG one still smelled a bit).

-Buggy Town It's 5 o'clock somewhere in a tealight warmer in the first floor. I didn't care for the weird florally fruity scent. Throw was decent but the scent faded quickly anyway.

-Haley's Heavenly Scents Toasted Zucchini Bread in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. Though the scent was quite light it smelled nice. A crealy zucchini bread blend.

-CFTKR Lemon Noel on a 24W hot plate. Now this was a disappointment considering it's CFTKR. Very faint scent throw.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily wax melts August 27th 2012 (1)

Today I turned on my melters rather early so I melted a 2nd round hence 2 parts.

-Kristin's Kandles Baby's Bath in a tealight warmer in the first floor. A nice clean baby bath kinda scent. Scent throw was a bit light but detectable.

-The Bathing Garden Sandalwood Layered Coconut (2 cubes) in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. An interesting creamy sandalwood scent with a medium-strong throw and good longevity. Much better than I expected!

-Victoria's Designer Creations (I think, no brand listed) in Cherry Orange Bubblegum on the 24W hot plate in the living room. This cake-style tart went through a lot ad it seems lol. I got it in a destash box. It's a super soft greasy wax so it's like a scoopable. Smells really awesome but scented my living area only slightly (and I used a really big piece).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bathing Garden haul

As I mentioned before I love TBG. I placed this order already mid July and received it early August so it's about time to post about it.
I bought 15 tarts and 4 small scrubs and received 3 free tarts, a scrub sample, one large instead of small scrub and 3 packs of leftover wax pours.

I got:
-Black velvet cake
-Frosted fruit cake
-Parisian strawberry fields
-Coconut cream pie
-Toffee candy apple
-Mermaid tears
-Cinnamon cookie dough
-Pirate punch
-Sugared pie crust
-Call me rainbow
-Tropical fruit
-Blackberry woodland
-Blue hawaiian

Free clamshells:
-Belle fleur
-Zucchini cake noel
-Confetti sugar

-Neroli orange blossom
-Vintage circus (got the free upgrade)
-Triple berry torte
-Mermaid tears
-Tequila lime sample scrub

Ye Olde Candle Cubbard July sale haul

I placed my first YOCC order on July 15th and with a given TAT of 7-21 days expected to receive it by early August. I got it however on August 21st as the seller (Connie) was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of orders.
The sale was amazing. I spent over $75 so I was eligible to receive 6 full-sized packs of tarts and free shipping.

The tarts are extremely beautiful and almost all of them smell simply amazing so they were totally worth the wait! I am just thrilled with my new tarts and will order from YOCC again in the future!
Prices were like $5-6 per pack. There are also 3 sampler and 6 free packs in the lot.
The single pics below show a variety but not all tarts. You can see all packs on the haul group pic though.



Daily wax melts August 26th 2012

A very cool early autumn day today so went for fruity bakery and a crisp citrus linen scent.

-CFTKR Citrus Linen H2O in a tealight warmer in the 1st floor. This is an amazing citrus laundry type scent. I am not so much into laundry detergent scents but this smells great! Very strong throw and good longevity.

-Better Homes & Gardens Orange Buttercream Cupcake. 1 cube in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. A totally fabulous creamy rich orange bakery scent. Strong throw in my huge open kitchen with even only 1 cube!

-Ye Olde Candle Cubbard Pink Kaleidoscope in my 20W hot plate in my living room. Such a pretty tart, almost too pretty to melt. The description says it's a mix of cotton candy, orange, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, caramel, gooey marshmallow and key lime pie. This is such an amazing and mouth-watering scent it's incredible. I just love it and could bathe in it lol. Throws well and fills up my large living room with all its goodness easily!


Daily wax melts August 25th 2012

A busy day so I "fired" my melters much later than usual. My picks weren't great either lol

-CFTKR Peach Jam Cheesecake in a tealight warmer in the first floor. This did nothing for me. Scent throw was very faint and overly sweet. Good that this was just a free sample.

-CHS Pink Raspberry Lemonade in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. Smelled amazing cold but didn't release any scent whatsoever.

-Front Porch Blackberry Bread on a 20W hot plate in my living room. This was certainly strong but the combo of yeasty bread and tart yet perfumey blackberries triggered a really bad headache.

Hope I'll have more luck next time!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lasting Scent Candles haul

LSC is one of the most amazing tart vendors. Packaging is pretty, scents are strong and unique and last long.
I always go for her RTS (ready to ship) scents as her TAT for custom orders is 21 days and I am too impatient for that. The selection of RTS is great, too.
RTS orders usually ship within couple of business days so they're pretty swift.

I love pretty much every single scent I got!


Daily wax melts August 24th 2012

The weather is finally turning a bit cooler and autumnal here so I melted something else than the super fresh scents of the past days.

-Long Cane Primitives Peppermint Patty in a tealight warmer in the 1st floor. A nice fresh sweet peppermint scent with a good throw.

-Ye Olde Candle Cubbard Pink Sugar Noel in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. This smelled really good and strong cold but was a bit disappointing hot. I think in a smaller closed room (my kitchen is huge and open) this would perform better. The scent itself is awesome, a blend if pink sugar and vanilla bean noel.

-FussAssMcGee Blueberry Meringue Torte in a 20W hot plate in my living room. I had to use 3 cubes in order to get a decent throw and it's a nice scent. I didn't really get a bakery note but rather a fresh fruity lemon/blueberry blend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daily wax melts August 23rd 2012

Today I was busy the whole day long so I started my melters late and only filled 2.

-CFTKR Lemon Fluff in a 20W hot plate in my living room. It was super strong with a great throw and longevity. It's a sweet lemon marshmallow scent!

-Country Home Scent Warm Orange Danish in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. Not as strong as I'd have liked. A good orange bakery scent overall though.

Daily wax melts August 22nd 2012

Another warm day, hence my selection:

-Kim's Honey Bunny in a tealight warmer in my 1st floor. This is one of the only Kim's tarts I like. Smells like Honey I Washed The Kids soap from Lush. A nicely strong long-lasting scent.

-Sweet Fixation Satsuma in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. I think this is a Body Shop dupe of a shower gel for kids they had in the 90ies. Smells like a fresh citrus scent (mainly tangerine ?)
Throw was ok but not the best.

-Aunt Nena's Island Nectar on a 17W hot plate in my living room. This is a nice fruity tropical scent however this had zero throw. Very disappointing!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Haley's Heavenly Scents haul

I never tried HHS before. My shallow reason was that except for her clamshells she doesn't put proper labels on her tarts. Only the scent names but not her brand name/logo and for some reason this really bugs me lol. Also I heard mixed reviews on her quality though there seems to be a somewhat general consensus that it improved tremendously within the past months.
I ordered 15 clamshells and got two 6-packs and a scent shot for free.
Overall I am really impressed with all the clamshells I tried so far. The cubes are a bit hard to pop out but the scent throw so far seemed amazing.

The thing I am most impressed with is the Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread scent (1 of my free sixpack choices). It's pure bliss!

Daily wax melts August 21st 2012

We still have a heatwave going on so fresh scents all the way once more!
I hope the cooler fall weather that we had the previous weeks will make a comeback soon!

-CFTKR Tuscan Herb in a tealight warmer in the 1st floor. A good pretty strong herbal scent perfect for today!

-Haley's Heavenly Scents 2 clamshell cubes of Lemon Noël in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. A super strong lemon vanilla scent. Smells awesome! So far all HHS scents I tried were fab!

-The Bathing Garden 2 clamshell cubes in Pucker on a 17W hot plate in my living room. A sweet citrus scent (mainly orange or tangerine) with a good throw. TBG hardly ever has any duds =)

Daily wax melts August 20th 2012

What a hot day today! It had like 38 degree Celsius outside so cooling refreshing scents were needed.

-Kristin's Kandles Eucalyptus in the 1st floor in a Yankee tealight warmer. The throw of this tart was a bit weak and it wasn't an authentic cool eucalyptus but rather a perfumey one.

-Three Sisters Soap Lemon Verbena & Lavender in a Yankee tealight warmer in my kitchen. Smelled really great on cold sniff but was very faint when melted.

-Lasting Scents Citrus Mint in a 17W hot plate warmer in my living room. . LSC rarely dissappoints but this was a bit weaker than I had expected. Still it smelled good!

I had several nice waxies in my bedroom going on in the previous nights among them Country Home Scents Snuggle Baby (good and strong) and Lasting Scent Candles Lemon Lavender.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nellies Acres haul

I first found Nellies Acres tarts via a youtube video posted by clsings7. She showed a big lot of leftover wax pours that the vendor sold on ebay for just a few bucks so I got one, too. I think I paid like $7 & shipping for 3lbs of tarts. When I received my lot all tarts were smashed and all kinda scents were thrown into that bag together so they smelled all a bit off. However I noticed that her tarts were really strong so I took advantage of a July special on her actual website and ordered a bunch of her tarts.
8-packs of palm wax tarts retail for $5 which is a good price for those fairly large tarts. I got 6 bags of the 8-packs. A pack of 5 bigger tarts ($4) and 2 packs of muffins ($6/each) but those are made of a soft wax so they arrived pretty deformed.
Scents are pretty much mostly bakery and the tarts smell strong on cold throw. When melted the tarts are medium strong.
I am not a big fan of palm wax as most of the time the scent throw is very bad. Nellie's are decent though. The good thing about palm wax is that once it's cooled and turned back into a solid you can just pop it out of the warmer without freezing it.

I got:
-Honey Vanilla Lovedust
-Amish Friendship Bread
-Nellie's Almond
-Lemon Pound Cake
-Lavender Vanilla
-Baby Bee & Buttermilk (awesome!!)
-Blueberry Pie
-Raspberry Cream Pie

Small Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals haul

I never tried BH&G and Scentsationals until recently when I received some clamshells in couple of destash boxes.
These are inexpensive ($2) and available at Walmarts.

I tried a few of the ones I received and one cube easily scents up a huge area in my experience.

-Shimmering Cherry Blossom (a soft yet potent floral. My least fave)

-Fresh Ocean Flowers (a mix of a clean laundry scent and a soft fresh floral. Very good strong scent!)

-Sugared Melon Kiwi (fresh fruity scent)

-Fragrant Evergreen Forest (a scent of spruce and/or fir trees, perfect for Xmas and winter in general)

-Hawaiian Pineapple Cilantro (a nice fresh summer scent, fruity yet refreshing)

-Timeless Devotion (floral mixed with fruit, yet a very pleasant and lovely scent! Very strong!)

-Spa (my favorite! A super fresh minty herbal and clean scent)

I am super excited as I just scored a lot of over 60 BH&G (and maybe Scentsationals?) clamshells on FB in a huge destash lot for like $1.20/each. Will post about it when I get it!

Daily wax melts August 19th 2012

Another hot day here today so I was in the mood for orange!

I am melting:
-Long Cane Primitives grubby tart in Pineapple Orchid in the 1st floor in a Yankee tealight warmer. A strong fresh pineapple blend. It's not really floral but the orchid adds a special touch. A really good summer scent!

-Country Home Scent Orange Blossom in a Yankee tealight warmer in my kitchen. It's medium strong and smells like sweet oranges with a twist. Not my favorite orange scent but CHS is always good anyway.

-Front Porch Lemon Orange Pastry in a 17W hot plate in my living room. As always a super strong awesome scent. A creamy citrus scent with buttery bakery notes. No spices in this at all. Divine!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Couple of recent Three Sisters Soap (on Artfire) hauls

Three Sisters Soap on Artfire is my favorite place to pick up awesome and beautiful handmade soaps and tarts. Their prices are really affordable and every order comes with tons of free full-sized and sample-sized goodies.
In the first pic below the freebies and actual purchases are mixed but in the 2nd pic you can see how generous this vendor is as I only bought the 7 items in the back, all the other stuff in the front were free!

My fave soap from them is the oatmeal, milk & honey one as it smells so sweet and good!