Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bath & Body Works haul

I am usually into handmade body care and shower goodies but the one big company I like is Bath & Body Works. I have a friend who can get B&BW stuff for really cheap for me so I recently asked her to buy some goodies for me. 

I got the new Dreamy Vanilla Woods body care (two sets, one for my mom), a set of the Sweet on Paris body care, some minis of the new Cashmere Glow (not a fan of this!) and some mini candles.

I really like the new body care, the labels of the sweet on Paris items are so pretty! 

From the candles my faves are Autumn Day, Pumpkin Cupcake and Lemon. I would definitely love to buy 3-wicks of these candles and might do so when the next 2 for $20 sale is going on (as my friend can get it even a few $$ off that price).

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