Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lasting Scent Candles RTS haul

Lasting Scent Candles finally restocked their RTS section (I think there was nothing there for about 1 1/2 months or so?) so I picked up a bunch of scents even though I really have enough LSC for quite a while...there were some new scents I wanted so this is what I ended up with:

Granny´s Kountry Candles haul

Here is my latest haul from GKC =D There were a few issues with this order as obviously only the first page of my order was printed and poured and arrived within 10 days incl. 3 of her tiny little 1 oz candles (not pictured sorry!).. anyway GKC has one of the best customer services around, the rest of my order was swiftly made and mailed. I also complained to her that the Amaretto Coffee Tarts I received with my first half of the order smelled off (yucky nutty) so she redid them as well and sent them along. She told me that through my complaint she found out that her oil vendor had changed the coffee oil without notice and she got it from some place else. 
She was extremely apologetic, sent me a generous gift certificate as well as 5 free clamshells (the 5 to the right) and a bag of her overpour brittle in the bakery theme. I am so pleased with her service and problem solution skills I will continue to order many times! I also think the products really improved and most of the tarts are now really strong and good!

 Love this candle, it´s gigantic (I would say not less than 7 or 8 LBS incl. the bowl)

Small Front Porch haul

Sorry for being absent but I have been struck by the flu (the real influenza) as well as my kids so I was neither in the mood nor condition to sit and blog lol. Furthermore I don´t have daily wax melts for quite a bunch of days as I wasn´t melting anything...not even sinus relief tarts meh =X

Anyway, I want to get some of my "older" hauls (say from 2 weeks ago) out of the way so here is a FP haul I did recently. It contains a cotton candy sampler as well as some 4-packs

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daily wax melts February 16th 2013

-CFTKR Rosemary Mint in the bedroom (24W hot plate). I don´t know why I didn´t really care for this scent so far? It was awesome, herbal, refreshing and strong. I still think I like the Aveda Rosemary Mint type better (also from CFTKR) but this was great and I will reorder this !

-CFTKR Biolage (2 tarts, 24W hot plate) in the first floor. A good fresh shampoo scent but it is on the border of giving me a headache as there might be something slightly floral in it? Was strong and threw really well though

-TBG Green Tea & Cherry Blossom Kiwi in the kitchen (2 cubes, tealight). Another great fresh fruity scent from TBG. The cherry blossom note didn´t come through too much (thank God, I am not into cherry blossom scents at all) so overall this was great and a very unique typical TBG scent!

-JLCCW Serendipity Birthday Cake in the living room (2 cupcakes, 24W hot plate). As always this was absolutely fantastic and I can´t get enough of this stuff! Soft moist white cake smothered with sweet buttercream and blended with Serendipity. <3!!

-Front Porch Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough Bread (2 tarts, 24W hot plate) in the living room. This scent was awesome! Sweet lemon blended with FP´s famous SCDB! It was really strong and lasted all day long! 

Pics, Petals & Scents haul

I love Pics, Petals & Scents! I admit my previous order of 4 sampler packs wasn´t the best I have gotten from her (very light throw on most and I don´t like her VBN... and her pink sugar was so light back then, she now is using another oil). When I ordered back in November (I think) the owner just went through a very difficult time as she had lost a loved one so I understand she might have rushed my order out or something as usually her stuff is really good.
Since then PPS got really popular so her TAT rised quite a bit from about 7-10 days to 4-5 weeks as of right now. 
My most recent order was pretty big and took pretty much exactly 4 weeks to be shipped out but I love most everything I got and what I melted so far had a really good throw even though it didn´t have much time to cure yet so I know this batch is awesome!
I got pies. These are soft and scoopable just like her loaves! Awesome! (White Tea & Ginger, Aromatherapy Relaxation, Lavender Vanilla, Cranberry Peppermint, Peppermint Noel, Serendipity and Pink Serendipity). All came packaged securely in these cake containers!
Other tarts:

The Scented Princess Haul

Here is my first and most probably last haul from TSP. I am just underwhelmed with this stuff. First off the TAT was hard on the border for me. I think I waited over 3 weeks. When I inquired after less than 2 weeks or so there were 9 orders in front of me and it still took quite a while to get my 5 jumbo clamshells out. It´s ok, she´s new and got pretty slammed with orders but a quick email to keep me informed was to be appreciated.

When I finally got my order I I noticed that the zucchini bread was a spicy one which I detest (not the vendor´s fault at all though, I should have read the description). 
The throw on the other 4 clamshells was almost non-existent. I waited to let these cure for about 2-3 weeks and melted 4 of the jumbo clamshell cubes at once and got no throw which didn´t astonish me as on cold sniff these smelled really very light.
I am not bashing this vendor at all, many people seem very happy with her products but I will take my business elsewhere in the future and I am happy I didn´t spend all that much.
There is one youtuber whose videos I really love to watch and who inspired me to purchase from TSP but she seems to have the exact opposite luck with vendors than I think when she recommends something in the future I will know that the stuff won´t work for me =D Our noses are after all so different!!

Daily wax melts February 15th 2013

-Scentsy French Lavender in the bedroom (3 cubes, 24W hot plate which is a no-no with Scentsy but seems to work for me). This was pretty strong by Scentsy standards (I am so not a fan of Scentsy and thinking of purging my stash from that brand). It was a very cologne-y lavender so it was not exactly what I was looking for (in the bedroom I prefer herbal authentic lavender). Yea, but strong and long-lasting so no complaints about that.

-CFTKR Berry Bellini in the first floor (24W hot plate). A good fresh tart berry drink scent. There was no effervescence though. It was about medium strong and lasted fairly well. I liked it, it smelled clean.

-TBG Sugar Plum Fairy (2 cubes, tealight) in the kitchen. This scent was really awesome! A very fresh tart citrus-based plum scent without any spice or Xmas-y notes. Pretty refreshing, strong and with amazing lasting power. I really love TBG in the kitchen as it´s one of the few brands that will perform perfectly in about any warmer.

-Front Porch Strawberry Blueberry Bread in the living room (24W hot plate). This was gross, the blueberry note made this smell like worn socks (sorry!) so I had to pour it out almost instantly (as in when it started to throw). I used something else (don´t remember what lol).

-Butterfly Lane Pink Cupcake in the living room (24W hot plate). I think these need a longer cure time, this one was super light, I just got a bit of pink sugar and a weird funnel-cake with cinnamon note so after a few hours I replaced it, too. I think I used some Serendipity blend from PPS instead of it.

Daily wax melts February 14th 2013

-Lasting Scent Candles Cozy Comforter in the bedroom (24W hot plate). This was a weird scent, it was on the one hand some kind of fresh laundry detergent scent but it also had a powdery and a floral note. It was really strong and lasted all day long but when I went to the bedroom to sleep at night it did cause a headache so I poured it out and replaced it with something fresh. Not a fan but not that bad either.

-The Bathing Garden Pixie Dust (2 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was super duper strong, a very green fresh citrus-based scent. Amazing and I really enjoyed it but it was almost too strong, might use only 1 cube next time!

-Scentsationals Cupcake in the kitchen (2 cubes, tealight). I really loved this scent, it smells a lot like the usual birthday cake scent many vendors carry. It was not as strong as I am used to from Scentsationals but it was an amazing scent.

-Lil´Kitchen Candles Birthday Serendipity (6 little hearts) in the living room (24W hot plate). AMAZING, awesome, just wonderful stuff. It was about medium strong and lasted through a good amount of hours (6-7 perhaps). I think after curing for longer (this was poured just about 10 days or so ago) this will be even stronger!

-Front Porch Angie´s Famous Cupcakes (2 tarts) and Serendipity (4 heart tarts) in the living room (24W hot plate). This was an amazing mix! The cupcake scent was similar to my beloved birthday cake scent as it was rich and creamy and the serendipity worked perfectly with it! Loved this strong and long-lasting combo!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

My big CFTKR Re-opening Haul

After over a month of being closed and doing remakes CFTKR finally opened back up on January 24th at around 4-5AM EST (I think). I was ready and stalking the website from about 4:30 onwards to be able to score the stuff I wanted (I had my list right beside me so that I wouldn´t miss anything). I was really quick with my checkout (I took less than 12 minutes after the drop-down menus magically appeared) and still I was not even among the first 40 orders I believe lol. Anyway, my order shipped on the 2nd day after the re-opening (amazingly fast!) and I got everything I wanted except for one candle that showed OOS (all 4 pieces!) 1 minute after the site was back up.
I got amazing samples/freebies (last 6 pics) and scored a few beautiful candles! The pewter candle garden will be perfect for fall (I like thinking ahead lol...)

8oz bags and 4 oz bags

Candle in Serendipity

Candle in Sugar Cookie Latte

Pewter Candle Garden (candles Sugar Cookie Latte and Cranberry Apple Zucchini and big tart melt in 7up Pound Cake)


#34 2013 New Citrus & Fruit Blends

#36 2013 New Bakery Fruit Blends