Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily wax melts October 8th 2012

I forgot to post about the scent I had going in my bedroom all the past week. I purchased a wood wick candle from Tiffany Candles in Sinus Relief mixed with Rosemary Mint (and per my request tinted in baby pink). I lightened it every evening and it is just such an awesome candle! The wood wick crackles so loud it´s really relaxing and the scent throw is great, too! I will post about my Tiffany´s haul later but will add couple of pics here for you to see:

The other scents going around my house were:
-La Dolce Vita Cotton Blossom (2 cubes) in the first floor in the 20W hot plate there. A pretty fresh sweet scent, it´s a B&BW type. I really loved the scent! Scent throw was ok, though I would have liked it a bit stronger.

-Pics, Petals & Scents Monkey Bread (1 of the little bundt cakes) in the kitchen in a tealight warmer (I wish I had a convenient power socket in the kitchen so I could put a hot plate there!). This was totally not what I expected. I expected a banana nut bread kinda scent but this was just a wicked strong cinnamon scent. I poured this out after couple of hours as I couldn´t stand it!

-Kristin´s Kandles Fruit Loops in the 20W hot plate warmer in the living room. This was awesome! A strong lemon bakery scent I totally enjoyed! Stayed all day, too!

-Front Porch Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread in my 24W hot plate in the living room. This did nothing for me. I didn´t really get much of a scent throw from this scent. By Front Porch standards an utter disappointment.

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