Sunday, October 7, 2012

La Dolce Vita Soy Wax Melts haul

La Dolce Vita is an Etsy vendor with whom I placed an order a few months ago. I got mainly body care back then but also picked up a few clamshells and I had really good luck with them as they turned out to be really strong and awesome!

I picked up 27 of her tarts (a 20-pack, a 6-pack and a single one) a week or so ago and her TAT was awesome (it´s stated with 2-3 business days right now) and everything came packed safely.

I really love these tarts! I melted a few already and every single one had a great scent throw (using 2 cubes in a 24W hot plate warmer) and some scents are unique (my top favorite is the Vanilla Bean Nectarine, soooo good! Will order a few more of this!!).

Admittedly I am also a sucker for cute packaging. I´d rather pay a bit more for prettily packaged tarts than those that come with a hand-written label slapped on. That´s me and I know in the end it´s wax and it will be melted and the wrapping will be thrown...but that´s also the case with say body care and most ladies wouldn´t like sloppily done body care packaging?! Well, at least for me such things matter. La Dolce Vita has really super cute labeling so that was one of the reasons I tried out this vendor in the first place!

I paid $55 for the 20-pack which turns out the be the best value. Single pcs cost $3.25 and the 6-pack was $18.95.

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