Sunday, October 14, 2012

Three Sisters Soap haul

And yet another Three Sisters Soap haul! I am using Debby´s soaps daily and just love them so much! The soaps produce the most awesome creamy lather ever, are absolutely not drying on my skin (on the contrary, they fell very moisturizing) and they are very fragrant, much more than any other handmade soaps I ever used. To me that´s pretty important as most handmade soaps have a fishy smell so they must be scented well to mask that and please me lol.

Anyway, as if I didn´t have a stash to last me the next 10000 years incl. generous amounts I can give away as gifts I placed couple more orders, this being the first of them lol. Will show you the 2nd one in another post soon. 
I especially *needed* those cute cupcake soaps! =D
Besides making awesome soaps Three Sisters Soap also has many other cool things up for grabs like linen sprays, tarts, simmering potpourris etc. You name it! Debby is going to restock her shop soon, she just has issues with her computer but she said she has a lot of new stuff she needs to list!

Here is my haul. I was totally thrilled to find a bunch of soap samples and a Got Milk? linen spray as my extras. The spray is awesome, smells very strong and just makes me feel all warm and cozy when I smell it when I go to bed. 
As always I love everything!
The freebies (except for the Vanilla Bean soap which I ordered but accidentally put in the freebies pic):

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