Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily wax melts October 26th 2012

We celebrated a national holiday here so the kids had a day off from school and kindergarten =)

-CFTKR Sugar Milk & Lavender in my bedroom (24W hot plate). I recently posted on CFTKR´s FB fan page that I would love to see a blend of lavender and sugar milk and so to my greatest surprise and delight I received this sample with my previous order =D This smelled really strong and the sugar milk was even more dominant than the lavender. I liked it but would add a bit more lavender and a touch of something sweet as the scent was a bit tart or almost bitter. Can´t describe that better lol. Anyway, a touch of honey or fluffy marshmallow would probably make this perfect! Lasted all day and into the next day until I replaced it with a TBG Breathe Deeply tart (like Vick´s Vapo Rub) as I was feeling ill and nauseous on 27th so that was all I could stand)

-La Dolce Vita Day at the Spa (2 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was really nice, a light-medium citrusy spa scent. Lasted all day long, too!

-Scentsationals Vanilla Woods (2 cubes) in my kitchen (tealight warmer). This was an awesome strong sweet woodsy scent. Honestly to me it smelled just like sandalwood and I really liked it! It was very strong in the beginning but mellowed out by mid of the day. I really liked this scent1

-Shayz Scentz Toastie Marshmallow (2 tarts) in my living room (24W hot plate). This had no scent throw whatsoever. I just don´t have luck with almost all my Shayz tarts so I just threw them in a box to put in a destash or something. Other people seem to be really liking Shayz but I am far from being impressed!

-Pics, Petals & Scents Iced Lemon Cookies in my living room (24W hot plate). Amazing as everything from P,P&S tends to be! A strong sweet lemon bakery scent that lasted all day long. I am so happy with this vendor!

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