Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tiffany Candles haul

I got yet another Tiffany Candles haul recently just before her sale which meant I was lucky and got my haul within less than a week, yay! She was lightning fast shipping all those sale orders though as far as I saw on her facebook group and I just placed another order a week ago but expect it will take a while but that´s no problem, I have enough of her tarts for now!

As I mentioned in my first Tiffany Candles haul I just grew to love her tarts recently after she revamped packaging and changed her wax formula but now I think they are fabulous! And her wood wick candles are amazing as they are so loud, they crackle like a little fireplace and scent throw seems great on the ones I received so far.

Looking at the pics I noticed that I really love the colors Tiffany is using, they look so yummy! This time I also got my favorite bedroom scents from her in clamshells as those are better to dose (one fluted melt is usually too strong in my bedroom and I am much too lazy to cut them in half so the cubes are an easier system to get the right strength).

Overall amazing and I am looking forward to my next order which also includes some double-wicked candles!
The wood wick candle in Sinus Relief x Rosemary Mint:

My samples:

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