Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ariel´s Secret Garden haul

I did 2 hauls from Ariel´s Secret Garden so this is the bigger first one. I received it in 2 packages, a big one and a week later couple more items in a small box. 
I hauled big time as she has really awesome body lotions and I wanted to give more of a try to her soaps as I only tried one before! The lotions are my favorites along with the Beautiful Body Butters from Cozy Moments I posted about recently. 
I also got some lavender sachets for my linen closet and a set of her sugar shells (they are like solid scrubs in bar form).
So far even though her soaps are really pretty they don´t smell that good from what I sniffed. They seem to be very lightly scented and I can detect that slightly fishy lye-smell so I am not sure how much these will bloom in the shower but I can´t imagine the scent to get really strong. Will see how they´ll perform anyway. 

The lotions are awesome as I said and made from scratch and I picked the scents Harvest Moon, Baby Bee Buttermilk and Snowcake type.

I got lots of freebies which is totally awesome! I got all those little tart cups, a bundt cake soap, a bar of soap, an unscented sugar shell, a cupcake soap and a powder puff as my extras! Thank you Sherri if you are reading this =)

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  1. The soap smells that way because they arent ready to use yet.