Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daily wax melts October 12th 2012

Had plenty to melt on Oct 12th:

-FussAssMcGee Night Cap in my new 24W hot plate warmer (to be shown in the next post) in the bedroom. This was a huge very pretty purple layered tart so I cut it into 2 halves. I melted one half during the day and added the other one at night. This was a really lovely kinda sweet lavender vanilla scent with stronger notes of vanilla. I really thoroughly enjoyed this scent. Even though it wasn´t the strongest it was pleasant and actually the intensity was perfect for my bedroom as I can´t stand anything overly strong there anyway.

-Front Porch Citrus Laundry in a 24W hot plate warmer in the first floor. This was an extremely strong citrus/laundry detergent blend. I didn´t like it as much as my Citrus H2O from CFTKR which is somehow fresher and not as pungent. If you like strong and intense laundry scents this would be great for you though (if you´d ever be able to score anything on FP´s website!)

-Ye Olde Candle Cubbard Pink Sugar Cookie in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. Like almost all YOCC tarts this really looks cute but packs no punch whatsoever. On the contrary, I could not smell anything off this tart. A real pity but I don´t think I´d order from that vendor again (well, except maybe for her awesome Pink Kaleidoscope blend!)

-Rosegirls Caramel Dipped Marshmallows in a 24W hot plate warmer in the living room. Smelled awesome cold but barely any scent throw. I am done with RG, as cute as they look nothing performed for me even decently. I think I will remove whatever I have left from my stash and will not revisit this vendor.

-Beaux Savons Frais Ghosts & Goblins (a skull and a crossbones tart) in the living room in a hot plate warmer. This was a very interesting and unique scent. To me it had a bread note and I could smell citrus. Lasting power and scent throw was great, I could smell it all day long. Will post my BSF haul soon!


  1. Hi! Could you smell any peppermint in the FussAssMcGee Nightcap tart? I am thinking about purchasing it. Thanks for any info!


  2. Hi, not that I detect. I think it´s just vanilla and lavender.