Friday, November 16, 2012

FussAssMcGee haul

I placed yet another order with FussAssMcGee as I have been really happy with their products lately! I got a bunch of clamshells, cookie shaped melts and so forth. 
I also got another bag of their pink s´mores scent as I really love it!

Here is the haul:
 I don´t like the Melt Mixers...the chocolate smells gross =X


Cookie-shaped tarts:

Loving Pink S´mores!

These tarts in "wind chill" are awesome (some minty marshmallow or along those lines):

The Candy Corn tarts smell really good, even when melted they give off a good throw!

Pumpkin and apple (these are huge! And I realized that pumpkin scents just aren´t for me! =( 


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  1. I have not tried this company because I've seen really mixed reviews about their scent throw, but some of these things look really fun. :)