Monday, November 26, 2012

Tiffany Candles haul

Here is my most recent haul I got from Tiffany Candles a couple of weeks ago. There was a special offer for her reopening, every order over $40 (?) got a free clamshell and orders over $80 got an additional free jar of heart or gingerbread tarts which was an awesome offer I couldn´t resist!
I ordered quite a few new-to-me scents and I got an awesome heart jar in 3 of my favorite scents and a clamshell I really like, too, from Tiffany. I love how she paid attention to what her customers like! 

I got some wood wick candles this time again! I just love Tiffany´s wooden wicks!

Here is the haul:

My awesome freebies:


  1. Are these in the new wax blend? Have you noticed a difference? I haven't tried the new yet, but found the old to be too weak of a scent throw for my big rooms. I'm curious how the new stuff is.


    1. This is the old wax. The new one is paraffin so I bet it'd be stronger. I didn't have good luck with her tarts in the previous weeks. I got quite a weak scent in my living room, too! Melting Birthday Bash today and can't smell anything at all!