Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daily wax melts November 16th 2012

-Three Sisters Soap Got Milk? in the bedroom (24W hot plate warmer). One of my favorite bedroom scents and I just have 1 or 2 of these left =( Anyway, a wonderful creamy baby bath kind of scent with good throw and great lasting power! I think I reviewed this a few times already!

-Front Porch Vanilla Laundry in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was amazing! A sweet vanilla mixed with a fresh laundry detergent scent and it scented up my whole first floor with intense long-lasting fragrance! Went strong until I poured it out... I think it could have stayed another day or so!

-Scentsationals Vanilla Pomegranate Tea (2 cubes) in the kitchen (tealight). I loved this gorgeous sweet fruity scent as it was refreshing yet sweet and it was strong and lasted until the tealight extinguished itself!

-CFTKR Country Sweet Rolls in the living room (24W hot plate). A delectable sweet caramel bakery scent without any spice at all. Unfortunately this was a bit light so I replaced it after about half the day.

-Kristin´s Kandles Sugar Corn Pudding (2 tarts) in the living room (24W hot plate). I really love this truly amazing scent, it´s so yummy! Unfortunately even with 2 tarts I could barely smell something. I think that the fragrance is soft by default so it would be better in a smaller room I suppose.

-I replaced the CFTKR and Kristin´s scents with the last 4 cubes (2 in each warmer) of my Scentsationals Care Package scent. It´s just the most amazing bakery scent for me right now and it was strong and delicious!

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