Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CFTKR haul

In a previous CFTKR haul post I said I have couple more purchases to show hehe. Well, here is #1 =)
Right now the site is closed but tomorrow will be the grand reopening so you can score some nice samplers and cute new tarts in clothes shapes =) I think this time I have to pass as I don´t know which scents to order lol and my 2 (!) CFTKR drawers are pretty full. I could squeeze in a few more bags but well...let´s see!
If you want to read more about CFTKR (one of my absolute top tart vendors!) please check out my earlier posts!

This time I received one extra awesome sample (besides all the other great ones), too! I mentioned on her facebook fan page that I love her sugared milk scent and would love to see it blended with lavender. Well, see which sample she sent me, yay!

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