Sunday, November 11, 2012

A couple recent Bath & Body Works hauls

I acquire some nice B&BW stash in the previous couple of months. I love their foaming hand soaps so I got a few of those in Halloween, Xmas and fall scents but also a few on sale from the summer collection. Furthermore I got the Honey Autumn Apple and Frosted Snowberry body care and also some of the aromatherapy line. The Vanilla Bean Noel stuff is for my mum as I still have plenty left from last year for myself. 

I took advantage of the recent 2 for $20 sale on the 3-wick candles. With an extra coupon they came to around $8 per piece.

The hand soaps in Pear Chardonnay and Applewood Orchard were on sale for $4 and the I <3 Watermelon Apple shower gel was reduced to $3.

Currently there are several coupons out so I recommend checking before placing an order. 

Haul 1:

Haul 2:


  1. Ooooh, I want the Frosted Snowberry just because it's so pretty! All the holiday soaps look so nice too, but we don't go through them very fast here so I'd have to pick like . . . one. lol

    I saw someone's Twisted Peppermint haul last night and it was all I could do to keep myself from ordering.


    1. I really wanted to order some candles too - but I have too much wax already! But yeah, Twisted Peppermint was calling my name!

    2. I realized this morning that I need to hurry and find a Christmas scent lotion for myself because my current small jar of Frosted Pumpkin scented lotion will run out right around Thanksgiving. I might have to order some Twisted Peppermint after all! Darn that luck, huh??