Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recent Scentsationals haul

I ordered a few times from the Scentsationals website and as I wrote in an earlier haul post their service is just amazing and I love their tarts so much as they are almost always strong! Anyway, I am not going to ramble now, please check out my earlier Scentsational haul(s)! 

Since I received this haul I got in another one lol...will post about that one separately! Anyway, nothing else to write about Scentsationals, please check out the pics below!

Herbal/Spa scents:

Fresh and tea scents:




  1. Great haul ! It'd be awesome if you could list the scents you got, cause I noticed you never do :)

  2. Please click on the pics to enlarge them so you should be able to read the scent names. I don't do scent descriptions in my haul posts as I usually didn't melt any of them yet so I do that ongoing in my daily melts. =)