Monday, November 26, 2012

Couple of recent Front Porch hauls

For a while it was nearly impossible to get ahold of any FP tarts. Whenever she listed new stock it was gone within literally 5 minutes or less. Since she changed her facility and also the way her shopping cart works I seem to always fine at least some scents listed even a day or more after she added new stock. 
I recently placed a few orders and even though she theoretically is an RTS company (ready to ship) it takes her about 7-12 days to ship out your order(s). Shipping is free which is always a plus and if you spend $25 you can get a free 4-pack (use code FREEPACK during have to have at least one 4-pack in your cart and must be over $25 to redeem this). 
Anyway, her tarts do rarely disappoint as they are strong and she has some really awesome blends! 
These are 2 boxes I received however I think these are about 4 orders total! I am still waiting on couple of packages (one incl. 2 orders has shipped and another one I just placed yesterday). 
I got several 4-packs, some singles and 2 sampler packs (cheesecake and marshmallow samplers!)
Anyway, here is what I got (please click pics to enlarge, her labels and font are pretty small but can be read when the pic is full size)

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  1. Couldn't read most of the labels but can't wait for your Daily Wax Melt reviews :)