Saturday, November 3, 2012

La Dolce Vita (Etsy) haul

I think this is my 2nd La Dolce Vita haul I am posting here. Please check out the other one (just click on the La Dolce Vita label below). 
Last time I only ordered her tarts as I really like them and I wanted to stock up on her Vanilla Bean Nectarine scent as it´s just awesome!
This time I ordered a bunch of her lovely handmade body products so I picked up a bunch of various body lotions, a foot lotion and a foot scrub. I am not overly fond of the foot scrub as it´s so runny and doesn´t give a lot of exfoliation. Also some of the body lotions could use a bit more fragrance but overall I still like what I got. The foot lotion is amazing, I really love that one!

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