Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My 2 most recent The Bathing Garden hauls

Time to show you my most recent hauls from TBG. I placed these order just a few days before she closed her shop. Surprisingly she already reopened even though she just had a spinal surgery so you can purchase her tarts already (a limited variety of mainly xmas scents right now).
She changed her policy about freebies, now orders won´t come with free full-sized clamshells anymore. Instead you will still get those shaped tarts but they will be labeled to be able to tell which scents are which. 

Anyway, here my goodies. =)

First order:
2 full-sized scrubs and a tart.
I got a free full sized Brown Sugar & Fig scrub with my first order!

Second order:
8 tarts

These were the freebies with my tart order..I think these clamshells look really interesting! 

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