Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daily wax melts November 14th 2012

-Scentsy Just Breathe (2 cubes) in the bedroom (25W lightbulb). My favorite scent from Scentsy (and one of the only ones that is performing at all for me). A very fresh minty menthol kinda scent. Unfortunately as with most of my Scentsy bars this was short lived and lost its strength within just 4 hours or so.

-Granny´s Kountry Candles Fresh Bamboo in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was a good clean spa scent and smelled like all the other bamboo scents out there. It was not pungent though so I really and truly enjoyed this. The staying power was pretty good as it lasted pretty much until I poured it out.

-FussAssMcGee Lemon Meringue Pie in the kitchen (tealight). A good clean lemon scent with a touch of sweetness however the lemon part is really predominant. Smelled great and pretty strong until the tealight went out.

-Lasting Scent Candles Sweet Lemon Bread in the living room (24W hot plate). I really loved this scent shot! A very strong sweet lemon bakery scent with a fabulous throw and amazing staying power! Awesome!

-VDC Lala´s Sugar Cookie in the living room (24W hot plate). This was the first VDC product I really enjoyed. This was a sweet awesome almond sugar cookie. The scent was about medium strong and lasted all day long.

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