Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Granny´s Kountry Candles haul

After watching a slew of youtube videos (especially from temptingtreats1) on Granny´s Kountry Candles I decided to place an order back in October. What I really like about Granny´s is the presentation. The labels and packaging overall looks really pretty and professional. Also her TAT was good, I received my order within less than 2 weeks. Her products are also really affordable in my opinion and shipping was free as my order was over $25. I received it by UPS however I did not get a shipping notification.
The reviews on youtube for her products are pretty mixed. It seems some scents are really strong, some non-existent. There were big troubles with her scent of the month tarts of October but according to temptingtreats1 the owner of Granny´s solved the problem now. 

I ordered 2 of her holiday scent candles, a few cookie shaped melts, some clamshells ("simmering bars"), couple of her doughnut baskets and 3 of her seedling scent simmer (scent shot cups) sampler packs (holiday scents, fresh scents and bakery). I received a baggie of peppermint kiss bark for mentioning a youtuber who also is a consultant in the comment box.
I melted through quite a few of her products and have mixed results, too. But still I didn´t melt enough to have a real opinion. I got a throw out of pretty everything, some lighter some stronger so I can call myself content so far. Honestly a lighter throw is nothing bad, sometimes I can´t stand a bam-in-my-face scent and in my bedroom I generally prefer a medium throw at most.

Anyway, you can read about my experience in the daily wax melts, I even did one day where I melted Granny´s exclusively. I still want to let everything cure a little longer as these tarts are made of pure soy wax I think as it´s very soft and these were poured just about 2 weeks ago.

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