Sunday, December 2, 2012

CFTKR haul again and again...

I wish I would have numbered my CFTKR hauls here on the blog..this must be my like 10th haul or so? Maybe less, maybe more! 
This was a smaller haul but I so wanted a few of my favorite scents in big bags (namely Icy Peppermint, Peppermint Marshmallow, Pink Sugared Serendipity and Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff). Unfortunately the Icy Peppermint was only available in a 4 oz bag so I snatched that one up. I also got couple other small bags (Snowballs, Elf Sweat) and a bag of her cute mitten, boot and beanie bag in Fruity Loops. 
She sent me a generous amount of amazing samples as always, even a huge cuttable and a baggie of another pair of mittens!
As always an amazing experience and my CFTKR collections is starting to outgrow the 2 drawers dedicated to it (though in 1 of them are the few goodies from Cupcake Candles and if they continue their weak performance I will just destash them and make room for more CFTKR hehe). That being said I placed another order right at the moment she reopened her site due to be delivered tomorrow haha!


  1. That donut is so freaking adorable! CFTKR is tied for my #1 favorite online vendor, next to Tiffany Candles. I have only been involved in the wax community for about 6-7 months, and have tried quite a few vendors, but NO ONE seems to beat Carol from CFTKR's customer service, speed, and efficiency! Her shipping might be higher than some places, but she really makes up for it with her generous free samples! Hopefully she won't get rid of her minty scents. Fantastic haul, you got some scents I'd love to try! :)

  2. I agree with Lauren, that donut IS adorable! So sad I wasn't able to grab one. Great haul.