Sunday, December 16, 2012

CFTKR haul

Here is probably my 7870389472308947th haul from CFTKR. My stash is now housed inside 2 big drawers and I think I have enough of her tarts for the next 25 years but she´s just one of my top vendors. 
I am still buying more though, especially whenever she is reopening her site after doing remakes and stocking new samplers! On those occasions she usually has some extra special samples/freebies and since I am an utterly greedy person I always hope to get one of those when I am among one of the first orders lol. 

I got 3 samplers and a few 4oz bags. 

Sampler #82: Marshmallow Sampler

Sampler #88: Trees Sampler

Sampler #97: Vanilla Bean Noel Blends

The samples are amazing as always, the special freebies she had this time around were a cute cuttable pie in a foil tin (looks so real!) and a small hand (not labeled, smells like cranberry). The Sour Cream Spice Cake sample was a request and I am so happy she had one!


  1. Carol is THE BEST! Her products are just so, so awesome. We got 2 of the same samplers! I can't wait until she reopens with all new stuff! :D

    1. I am not sure if you do hauls on your blog, but would love to see what you got! If you don't do hauls, can't wait for your reviews.