Sunday, December 23, 2012

Country Home Scent Xmas haul & Farewell to CHS!

Country Home Scent used to be one of my top to be honest I didn´t have great luck with the tarts I melted in the previous months. Barely any of them had any throw as you might have noticed if you read my daily wax melts. But I used to love their stuff back in spring/summer so I don´t know what happened!
I still have about 50 or so of their tarts and it is really hard for me to try to melt through them as I usually anyway have to change out the tarts after an hour or so as I don´t get any throw. 
Country Home Scent decided to quit making and selling tarts as of mid December 2012 so out of sentimental reasons I decided to pick up their 20pc Xmas sampler for $16 to see if the tarts I still have might have been from couple of bad batches. I paid a bit over $20 shipped so that was ok for me even if the tarts might perform poorly.
Here is the sampler.. I melted about 4 tarts and only 1 had a mention-worthy throw. =( The tarts are super cute though! 

Anyway, farewell CHS...I am not really going to miss you =(


  1. CHS was my favorite vendor for a long time when I first started exploring the world of private vendors, and they remained my sentimental favorite long after. I was surprised and sad to hear they were 'closing their doors.'

    I'm almost glad you said that about no scent/throw recently! I had been saying on my blog this fall that it seemed like CHS tarts were a lot stronger back in the early days. I'd wondered if I was remembering them wrong, and had just played them up in my mind because they were so grand to me in the beginning. Now that you also say you haven't had much luck, it makes me wonder if they changed things when they came back from their previous semi-retirement. Not that it matters now, but it's curious.


  2. DANG, you got tons of stuff! Look at how pretty they are, too, individually decorated like that! I wish I would have been able to partake in their final sale. It's sad that their quality seems to have gone downhill, a lot of people online have noticed that, but I think maybe they were just so busy with other things that their quality suffered?? Ah well, it's better to have loved and lost, right?!