Thursday, December 27, 2012

CFTKR haul =)

This was my haul from just a few days before Carol closed her shop. Her reopening will be sometime in mid January and I already wrote down a long list of scents I need to order then lol.
I got 7 samples which is so generous given the tiny amount I ordered. 2 of the samples I asked for (serendipity marshmallow delight and peppermint meringue). That new Aveda Type Rosemary Mint is so good! Much better than the regular version in my opinion =)
Anyway, here is the small haul I got last time:


  1. A Coconut Marshmallow sample!? OOooooooohhh!!! Comfy Home sounds cozy! Very nice scents! :)

  2. I should do that too, write out a list now so I'm ready when she reopens. I'm getting quite anxious to order again. I've only ordered from her once so far. I'm a nooooob!!


  3. Oh, you got some good caramel scents!