Sunday, December 2, 2012

Frostings Wax Melts haul

After hearing some raves for Frosting Wax Melts on Etsy on several Youtube channels (and I blame you, Erin for my craving lol and LOVE YA!) I definitely had to check out this vendor by myself, especially since her stuff looks so cute! Her given TAT was 2-3 weeks and it took her indeed 2 1/2 weeks to get my order out (order date Oct 21st, shipped Nov 7th). I am usually not very patient waiting for my tarts (I waited 3 months for VDC and it was NOT worth it lol) but I make exceptions for really awesome vendors like Sniff My Tarts, Haley´s, The Bathing Garden (she´s usually fast but I had one order taking about 4 weeks to be shipped), LSC etc. but generally a TAT over 1 month is really tough for me and on the border of being acceptable for me. I consider 2 weeks already a long TAT to be honest...anything below a week is fast =P 
Anyway, enough blabber about TATs. Her stuff took about 3 weeks to reach me. I ordered a baker´s dozen of her tiny cupcake tarts (though I wasn´t aware HOW tiny these were). For $16 plus shipping I received a super cute box filled with wax tarts that are works of art! She packed the tarts well and with so much attention to details however they still shifted around and got a little squashed. 

I told the owner Giselle to pick scents for me, I just advised her of what I like and dislike (say super spicy etc.). And she picked a really nice variety for me.
I melted one so far and the throw was fine, not outrageously strong though! I find it so hard to dig into that super pretty lot though!!
I would say it was nice to try this new vendor but I am not sure if I am interested in ordering again. I love my "workhorse" tarts from e.g. CFTKR etc. and while I admittedly fall for all of those embellished frilly tarts I am not sure if the price is worth it for Frostings. Will melt more of these to decide. 

Anyway, here is the eye candy (since I can´t offer you smell candy via the net lol):

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