Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daily wax melts December 25th 2012

I only melted Sniff My Tarts that day =) To be very honest the blends are awesome for the most parts but the scent strength so far has not been that great even though I always pop in a generously sized chunk. I think these might need some more curing time so I will try them again after a few more weeks (though might pop in one or another from time to time).

-Spa Fresh/Lavender in the bedroom. I didn´t get any Spa Fresh scent at all, all I could detect was a very sweet bakery lavender. The throw was ok, about light-medium I´d say.

-Lavender Birthday Cake Sugar Cookie in the first floor (25W lightbulb). I could not smell much, just a bit of a sweet lavender.

-Blackberry Marshmallow Latte in the kitchen (tealight). This was really strong and the most prominent scent of that day. I mainly got a tart blackberry mixed with coffee, I didn´t smell any marshmallow.

-Willow´s Cuppy Cake in the living room (24W hot plate). A sweet bakery scent but it was very light so I replaced it after a while.

-Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Pink Sticky Serendipity in the living room (24W hot plate). This scent was totally gorgeous but it was very light, too. I could get a whiff of serendipity and a sweet cookie from time to time but it was not room-filling at all. 

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