Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daily wax melts December 10th 2012

-Haley´s Heavenly Scents Pink Sugar Cookie (2+2 cubes) in the living room (24W hot plate).  I first melted 2 cubes and got almost no throw so I tossed the other 2 in the bowl. The scent was nice, a sweet pink sugar scent. Throw was alright, the staying power left a bit to be desired.

-CFTKR Balsam & Citrus in the first floor (24W hot plate). I want a bigger bag of this scent! The balsam and the fresh citrus notes blended most delightfully! This was a soft scent but it was present all day long.

-Country Home Scent Orange Dream Cake in the kitchen (tealight). I could smell a nice orange bakery scent at first but it fizzled out within an hour or 2. CHS just doesn´t perform but I still somehow want to melt through what I have (and I have a lot!).

-Sniff My Tarts Amish Friendship Bread 7 Up Pound Cake in the living room (24W hot plate). I got a strong key lime pie scent from this tart for the first few hours, then the scent was gone (the chunk was pretty small though). 

-Pics, Petals & Scents Pumpkin Souffle in the living room (24W hot plate). This was a good not overly spicy pumpkin scent with good throw and lasting power. Not a favorite of mine though.

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