Monday, December 3, 2012

Fizzbutter haul

I recently got a bathtub, yay! We had 3 showers in the house but no bathtub so it was about time to resolve this situation as I love taking baths (I moved in here about a year ago!) =D
To celebrate this occasion I placed a fairly large order with Fizzbutter after hearing lots of raves about their bath bombs and bubble bars. Their prices are pretty good compared to say Lush (around +/- $3.70 per item maybe?)
I got a 12-pc best-seller pack of bombs and some single ones extra. I also picked up 7 bubble bars. This was a large and expensive order and I was a bit disappointed that I got no single freebie or at least sample like I had seen on various Youtube videos. Oh well, the products are nice though!

I tried couple of the bath bombs and they fizzle strongly but also for quite a while. What I love about them the most (besides their awesome pretty strong fragrances) is that they are so very moisturizing! They seem to be chock full of buttery goodness and leave my skin so soft and moisturized as if I had used some lotion. 
I have not tried the bubble bars yet but want to very soon!
Anyway, here is the haul, I love the colors! Everything was packed well and came intact. Shipping via FedEx was suckingly slow though (a week!) and it took about 4 days or so to ship my parcel out.

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