Sunday, December 2, 2012

Granny´s Kountry Candles haul

I got my 2nd haul from Granny´s in a week or so ago and I was really excited as my order had been poured with the new stronger wax blend. I really like Granny´s Kountry Candles, her labels look pretty and clean and Wendy, the owner, is a really sweet lady to email with.
Her prices are really good and her scent list is very extensive.
So far her scents had ben a bit of hit and miss though leaning more to the "hit" side as after all I did get a scent out of most scents though most of the time with a light-medium throw (which for some scents is enough for me). And that was the old wax btw. 
Anyway, I will continue buying from Granny´s as her tarts and candles (except for the wooden wicks, more on that below) are value for money in my opinion!

This time I got some candles (regular and wooden wick), clamshells, scent cups (a "Novelty Sampler" and another "Winter Sampler"), donuts and cookie melts. The peppermint bark baggie was a gift for ordering under Christian Whetzel (click on her name or that of any other consultant you want to order under on the right hand side of the shop site...for December there is another promo going on though).
The novelty sampler was kind of a mistake to choose as it contained a few scents that are not at all my kind of thing (Dirty Mind which smells like wet moldy soil or Dirty Hippy, a patchouli scent) but most of the scents are ok though not my faves. The winter sampler is always amazing, she has really good holiday scents!

About the wooden wicks..they look so cute and the wick is really wide but these just suck. Sorry to use such a hard word but I have been beyond frustrated with these wood wicks. When I light the wick the first time (no trimming, please!) it forms a very low flame but when I leave it for a whole day a nice pool of wax is forming. The crackling sound is very weak though and the flame is so low! However on the next day when I want to relight the candle it keeps extinguishing itself all the time. If I am able to get a (super low blue) flame after lots of fussing around with the candle then no proper wax pool is forming but the candle starts tunneling. I tried 3 candles, and had the same issue on all of them! I tried removing wax or digging that wick out a bit but nothing ultimately helped. 
Her regular wicked candles are awesome though but she might think about doing something about her wooden wicks!

Otherwise I am always happy with my Granny´s purchases! Another huger one is on the way to me and should be arriving on Tuesday and my Black Friday haul will probably make it some time mid December or so. 
I got a super cute card, too (last pic). Love these kind of personal touches!


  1. WHOA, the wicks on those wood wicks ARE insanely huge! Sorry you're having such bad luck with them. Granny's has been hit or miss for me, too, but some of her stuff is awesome. She has such creative products names, too! I just found your blog and I have to say, I love it! :)

  2. Thank you, Lauren! =) Overall I also love Granny´s. I think most vendors have some hit and miss scents or products and Wendy is always open for constructive criticism and tries to solve problems. I think she is very professional compared to a few vendors who take everything very personal lol I surely let Wendy know about the wooden wicks =)