Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kissing Booth Haul

I placed an order with the Kissing Booth a while ago expecting to receive my items quickly as the given TAT was a few days or so. Anyway, a week later I inquired about my order and got a response that the oils or wax or whatever had been out of stock and that a new shipment was due to arrive to the vendor. It took several more days to get my shipping notice so I was already slightly pissed. Not about the delay itself but more of the lack of information. When I order from a vendor expecting a certain stated TAT then I want this to be honored or kept informed if something goes wrong. 
Anyway, the tarts smell and look nice though on the lighter side on cold sniff. Another small bummer is that the clamshells are not filled to the top so I am not getting the amount of wax I get with other clamshell vendors. 
I got mainly bedroom scents but also a few other ones. 2 clamshells have different colored wax on the bottom so they are really cute!

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