Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daily wax melts December 15th 2012

I don´t have wax melts to post for 13th and 14th because I used up just some random VDC scents as I really want to finish those. Most had no scent throw at all anyway so nothing to write home about!

So here are yesterday´s melts:
-Pics, Petals & Scents Pine Noel in the bedroom (24W hot plate). I didn´t care for this at all. I just don´t like the VBN scent PPS is using. Also the throw was very light, almost non-existent and the pine was not detectable at all. I replaced it with CFTKR Pink Sugar Milk which is an awesome super strong scent.

-FussAssMcGee Winter Garden in the first floor (24W hot plate). I expected a pine-mint kinda scent but this just smelled like a fresh herbal shampoo. I really enjoyed it and it was pretty strong and long-lasting!

-VDC Pink Sugared Zucchini Bread (both chunks) in the kitchen (tealight). This was delicious but super light only. I could get a whiff of this here and there but overall I couldn´t smell it most of the time!

-CFTKR Marshmallow & Butter Brickle Pie (2 bundt cakes) in the living room (24W hot plate). This was a very light sweet scent. I couldn´t smell it much despite using 2 pieces. 

-Sniff My Tarts Serendipity Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake  in the living room (24W hot plate). I first used half of a chunk (I guess it had about 1 1/2 oz) but the scent was so light that I popped in the 2nd half. The scent was really yummy (sweet cherry, marshmallow, lavender, white cake) but not strong enough for my taste. I just got this though so I bet a bit of curing time will help there!

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