Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Bathing Garden prize from her collection contest

Recently Shannon from The Bathing Garden on Etsy held a contest where ppl could create their own tart collections consisting of 5 scents. One could also name the tarts and pick the colors. I submitted 2 collections (which was the max per person) and indeed my "Dance" collection was one of the winners.
The prize each of the winners got where their own collection and 5 pcs of their choice from any of the other collections.
My tarts were:

Dance Collection by Kathi
1. Rock ‘n’ Roll- Bubblegum and lollipops
2. Samba- Oranges, bananas and chili peppers.
3. Tango- Jasmine, mandarin, musk and rose.
4. Waltz- Lavender over pink sugar vanilla milk.
5. Rumba- Pineapple sugar cookie with a hint of spice
And I picked the following 5 tarts as my extras:
Warm and Cozy- Honey, chai tea, and cream.
Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream- Vanilla bean ice cream, dried lavender flowers, cane sugar, and ripe blueberries.
Gone with the Wind- Sweet potato pumpkin over pecan pie.
Sleepy- Pink sugar, peppermint, with and undertone of vanilla
Mrs. Chancellor- Chai tea with lemon biscotti.

As a nice extra I received a 4oz tub of "Merlia the Mermaid" scrub which is a double-layered sugar scrub smelling like:
Top Layer: Pineapple Butter cream
Bottom Layer: Pink sugar cherry coconut cupcake

I could only smell the top part so far and it smells scrumptious!
All of the tarts smell awesome and I am very grateful that Shannon picked me as one of her winners. I haven´t seen my collection listed in her shop though so I am not sure if she´s really going to sell it. Many of the other tarts by other winners are up and online there though!


  1. You should ask her if she plans on adding yours at some point. I would love to get Samba, Waltz, and Rumba! And if you do ask her, let me know what the answer is ;)

  2. How did you enter the contest? Thanks!