Friday, September 21, 2012

Daily Wax Melts September 20th 2012

My picks for 9/20 were:

-Tiffany Candles Sinus Relief in my 25W lightbulb warmer in the bedroom. A gorgeous blend of spearmint, peppermint and I eucalyptus (I believe). Smells a lot like the Stress Relief candle from B&BW. Stayed well and had a nice scent throw. 

-The Bathing Garden Midnight Masquerade (2 cubes) on my 20W hot plate in the first floor. Albeit this is a super light scent cold (barely detectable) it blooms like all TBG scents into a nice scent throw (I´d say light-medium for this scent) and lingered for quite most of the day. A perfumey slightly musky but creamy kinda scent,

-Country Home Scent Peach Cobbler in my tealight warmer in the kitchen. This had good scent throw and lasted most of the day but I wash´t so fond of this peachy bakery scent.

-Lasting Scent Candles Blackberry Plum Tea on my 24W hot plate in the living room. A pretty unique plum berry scent with an interesting black tea note.  I really liked this but it could have been even a bit stronger for my taste. Otherwise staying power was good.

-Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus (1 cube) in my 25W lightbulb warmer in the living room. This was awesome, very strong and with excellent staying power. It overpowered the LSC melt a bit but it was really a nice refreshing orange lemon scent.

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