Friday, September 21, 2012

Daily Wax Melts September 18th 2012

Another fall day =) 

-Scentsy Just Breathe (1 cube) in my bedroom. This was extremely pleasant and refreshing. It was pretty strong even with just one cube! This smells like eucalyptus and peppermint.

-Nellie´s Acres palm wax tart in Lavender Vanilla in my 20W hot plate melter in the 1st floor. This had a  very light scent throw only though what I could detect stayed very well but as I said, just a faint scent. I don´t seem to be very lucky with palm wax tarts in general even though I like how easy they are to clean up (as I neither need to pour out the hot wax nor need to freeze the bowl to pop the wax out) but in general the scent throw so far has been too weak for my taste.

-Shayz Scentz Pink Brownie in my kitchen (one chocolate bar). This was surprisingly super strong and stayed well most of the day. This was a mix of chocolate and pink sugar and was a really good scent and I enjoyed it very much!

-CFTKR Autumn Magic in my living room in my 24W hot plate warmer. This was a great fall scent albeit not spicy at all. This had a sort of creamy slightly perfumey scent and the scent throw and staying power was great!

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