Friday, September 28, 2012

Daily wax melts September 26th 2012

And yet another wax melt day passed =) I delighted myself with the following scents:

-Kristin´s Kandles Eucalyptus in the first floor on my 20W hot plate. I am not fond of this scent as it´s not herbal but rather perfumey. Throw and lasting power was good though.

-Front Porch Lemon Cotton Candy in my tealight warmer in the kitchen. I think FP tarts just need a hot plate as the throw was just mediocre. The scent was really yummy though - a really sweet lemon candy mix. Lasting power was good, too!

-Pics, Petals and Scents Frosted Lemon Birthday Cake on my 24W hot plate. I scooped about an oz of wax out of my loaf and it was absolutely AMAZING! A super strong long-lasting lemon bakery scent. I am so thrilled with this and I am so happy I have a whole loaf of this stuff!

-Scentsy Happy Birthday (1 cube) in my 25W lightbulb melter. This had a very light but pleasant kind of scent. Staying power was ok but next time I´ll use 2 cubes. The Pics, Petals & Scents tart overpowered this anyway =)

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