Monday, September 17, 2012

Daily wax melts September 16th 2012

Showing 4 melts instead of 3 today =) as I said before I always melt in my bedroom but used to do so only at night until recently when I got my rabbit bulb warmers to replace my tealight melter. Now I like to start melting in the morning =)

-Country Home Scent Snuggle Baby in my 25W bulb warmer in the bedroom. This was super strong. I think it's a mix of Pink Sugar and some kinda baby powder. It was too powdery and perfumey for my taste but it was a good bedroom scent. In my bulb warmer this survived all day long!

-A Breath of French Air Fresh Linen (2 tarts) in my 20W warmer in the first floor. This was such an awesome sweet laundry scent and it had a great throw and lasting power! This was different from other laundry scents as it had a pleasant sweet note to it. Loved it!

-Shayz Scentz Pink Danish (2 tarts) in a 25W bulb warmer in my kitchen. This had absolutely zero throw but it might have been the bulb warmer, I think Shayz throw better on a hot plate. Off cold throw it was pretty much only pink sugar.

-Pics, Petals & Scents Iced Lemon Cookie in my 24W hot plate warmer. This smelled wonderful, a sweet lemon bakery scent. Throw was about medium and lasting power was mediocre (4 hrs maybe). I think I'll let my other tarts from this vendor cure a bit longer.

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