Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lasting Scent Candles haul

LSC released their fall scents so I placed a RTS order right within the first few hours she put them up. Now I have to admit that I am quite iffy with fall scents. I don't like too spicy scents and most apple scents aren't for me either. Which already deletes a good part of the usual fall scents from my list! I am also careful with cranberry and pumpkin scents since a lot of them are really strong spice scents, too.
I was pretty sure that I would love whatever LSC blended for fall as 99.999999% of her scents are just downright awesome!
And I was right! Some of the scents have just the right amount of spice (cold sniff though!) and all are just yummy!
Not all the scents are new but definitely all the pumpkins and some others are.

Each tart costs $1.50 now. Many people melt just a piece of a tart at a time but I always use a whole tart except in my bedroom where I melt them in halves.
I always get from her RTS section so tarts ship within 2-3 business days.

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