Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily wax melts September 12th 2012

A cold rainy day! Much to my liking but my 7 rabbits in the garden weren't happy lol

-Kristin's Kandles Lavender Mist (not pictured) in the 1st floor in my 20W hot plate. Kristin's tarts are amazing when you let them cure for 2-3 weeks prior to melting. This was like any lavender air freshener kinda scent, not overly herbal, rather artificial and fresh. I liked it though and it was pleasant and long-lasting.

-CFTKR Cranberry Jelly in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. This was very weak but I'd blame this either on the. warmer (CFTKR is best in a 24W hot plate) or that I got it in a destash so it could be older. The scent is great, a fresh berry scent great for fall.

-Shayz Scentz Amish Zucchini Bread in my 24W warmer in the living room. I used 2 tarts as they're rather small for such a big room. A very nice almond-cinnamon-creamy zucchini scent. Smelled awesome, lasted well and had a nice medium throw.

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