Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tart warmer/tart haul from Birdland Paradise (Etsy)

I love Birdland Paradise on Etsy. Carol is a total sweetheart and so wonderful to communicate with. She is producing the most beautiful tart warmers (tealight and bulb style). Yes, she makes them from scratch (clay, glaze etc) and she's the only vendor on Etsy I know making tart warmers.
What I love most is that she is using super cute rabbit motifs on her warmers (and I have 7 bunnies as they are just my fave pets).
I bought 1 tealight warmer and 2 bulb warmers this time. I already have 3 tealight warmers and an electric one from her so my collection is growing!

Carol is always sending free tarts and tealights and so many this time! Her tarts are totally awesome btw, all so far had a strong throw and great lasting power so they're worth ordering! My fave is Vanilla Oak btw!

All in all I highly recommend checking her store out!

Prices for warmers range from $15-$26.



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